Terminator: Dark Fate – Movie ‘Scene by Scene’ Script Outline

  • Terminator-Dark-Fate-2019-1Terminator Dark Fate
    NOTE: I watched Terminator Dark Fate in theatre.  This is only the ‘scene by scene’ general script outline and many details are not included. This type of script outline is not special and the technic can be applied to any film. The purpose of this script outline is to act as a post-viewing ‘memory jogger’ that allows for long term recollection of the film without re-watching the film. If you have not watched the film, I would suggest not reading through the outline until after viewing the film because the outline can spoil the film to the people that have yet to watch the motion picture.


20th century fox
– video of women (Sarah Conner) describing world to doctor; dream
world to doctor
– water on sea shore with human Skelton remains
– Sarah describing future
– Terminators walking from ocean to beach with guns
– On beach in 80s, a  skinned terminator appears and kills John
Conner and Sarah responds too late
– Mexico city, freezing area of concrete
– Couple making out notice explosion in area and visit
where the body of a girl (Enhanced human; Grace) lands
– Police arrive as couple helps Grace
– Police try to restrain her but she responds in defense and takes out Police
– Couple is amazed at Grace’s ability and thank her for stopping police
– She takes clothes and car from couple
– Spanish girl (Dani) walking home to apartment with bags
– Speaks to her brother (Diego) about a American success story,
talks of doctors with father and makes food, they say goodbyes
– Diego sees a neighbor girl and flirts but Dani pulls him back to their daily course
– At the apartment complex the same type of explosion occurs and
male falls from spear
– Man (Terminator Rev-9 model) speaks to nearest witness
– Rev 9 speaks to girls father about daughter Dani
– Dani and Diego at auto plant;
– Their father (Rev-9) at plant claiming to need to get kids lunches

– Grace kills security guard and sneaks into plant with security uniform
– The father see Diego and asks for Dani, Dani appears and father’s hand transform into pistol, then Grace arrive in time to stop Rev-9 from killing Dani, fight scene then a run for escape by Dani, Diego, and Grace leading
– Grace says my name is Grace
– Grace, Dani, Diego run and Grace explains that thing,  “it’s a terminator”
and claims to be a augmented human from future
– Police are in pursuit after the incident in the auto plant, Rev-9 has respawned, stolen a bull dozer, and is in pursuit after Dani
– Car Chase
– Grace explains Dani is the mission,
– Expressway, bull dozer smashes through cars in pursuit of
Grace driving a old pickup truck,
– Diego takes wheel as Grace hops into truck bed where steel rods are laying and uses  them to throw at Rev-9, Rev-9 returns a throw to kill Dani but Grace the rod but the rod does pierce Diego.
– Rev-9 leaps from dozer latches to truck but Grace is able to knock it off, Rev-9 is struck by Vehicle

– Rev-9 respawns in the cars driver seat as driver sets out to look at what was hit, Rev9 runs over driver and pursuits after Dani 

– Deigo crashes the pickup and Grace pulls Dani out and explains they must leave Diego just before the Rev-9 crashes vehicle into pickup and explodes,
– Rev-9 respawns, Sarah arrives with weaponry attempt to destroy the terminator, grace does not know of Sarah
– Grace make escape with Dani in Sarah’s vehicle without Sarah as Sarah goes after Rev9
– Rev9 Respawn
– Grace’s consienous state is crashing after the fight and can not continue driving, Dani wants to leave and go to police but Grace is able to convince her otherwise,
– Dani takes wheel
– They arrive at pharmacy and grace uses gun to get needed drugs, phamaist helps as Grace collapsed, they drag Grace out of store and Sarah is there with different vehicle, Sarah makes a confrontation about being left behind
– Dani speaks with Sarah, Dani must be a important person or no one
would have came to save her,
– At motel, Sarah wants Dani to get snacks and claims to be criminally wanted in the USA, and give Grace drugs,

– Dani speaks of brothers burial or father,
– Grace is in a dream of a war, commander speaking, weapons
free, ship lands and they enter a hostile area, terminator
robots, Grace is attacked, women saving grace after attack, awakening
from hospital, Grace awakes at motel
– Grace pulls gun on Sarah, Dani is outside with
snacks, Dani arrival calms Grace and she explains to come from 2042 and to be augmented with enhancements; Sarah explains her backstory with skynet and being responsible for saving lives, Grace ask about Sarah’s son, Sarah
explains terminator caught him and now Sarah hunts terminators, grace says it’s her mission to protect Dani but finally agrees for Sarah to lead,
– On road, Grace say terminator is a rev 9 model, explains Legion is company not skynet, Sarah explains she gets text messages about terminator arriving and hunting down terminators
– Grace reads Sarah’s phone and knows the location from the text to Sarah is same
as her ‘go for help’ location tattoo, need to get to Texas the location of the address, Dani says she knows how to get over border,
– Dani, Grace, and Sarah in a crowded railway station with hundreds hoping on
the train cargo train,
– At Tatum Data Center in Mexico city- Rev-9 has killed employees and is searching
through camera feeds for the target
– Night time, they’re on train, Grace say when the end occurs there is no
warnings, on day 1 everything stops and Legion begins, flashback of events, on day two nukes are dropped, and on day 3 world at war, millions
died, and once food shortage occurs billions dead, Legion hunts for
survivors, Grace was found as teenager and was pulled into a group whom saved her.
– Sarah considers that Dani must have given birth to promised child just
as Sarah did,

– Daybreak, in truck bed, they meet with Dani’s uncle,
trying to get over border, Dani tries to explain the
circumstances and her uncle agrees to help,
– They’re in Uncle’s truck on a rough road way
– At Border patrol station, rev-9 kills station workers and
searches border security feeds, then takes controls drone,
– Night fall, grace can sense drone is being used by rev-9
– Rev-9 speaks through Communication system to call out the groups exact location so patrol officers will have the area contained,

– The group cross a small river and then enter tunnel, they pop up on other side with
patrol surrounding area,
– Terminator crashes drone to attempt to kill Dani but Grace
pushes her out of the way and prevents her death but Grace is knocked out,
– Patrol station, Detainment; Dani tries to explain issue to guard,
– Grace in ER, doctor says to have never seen anything like it when observing Grace’s under skin and wounds
– Rev-9 arrives in Patrol Uniform and explains to need to pick up new
detainee, Dani,
– Officer Rigby arrives for Sarah Conner and explain she gets to be taken to a private cage,
– Grace awakens and beats up staff, and gets information about facility to find Dani, goes to area for detainees
-Rev-9 arrives in detainment area just after Grace arrives, Grace pulls alarm and set people free from cages, Rev-9 is seeking Grace as she takes Dani out of
area, Rev-9 kills multiple guards,
– Grace puts Dani on helicopter, Sarah arrives as Grace is prepared to liftoff but Dani wants to wait fir Sarah, Dani shoots at Rev-9 as Sarah gets on-board and
chopper leaves in niche of time before rev-9 can get them, Grace say don’t be
stupid again and Sarah agrees,
– Rev-9 speaks with sheriffs, about incident and
getting a chopper
-Grace lands chopper near the location of helper/text messages

-At cabins door, old terminator (Carl) answers and Sarah revolts explain that he killed John, Grace question him and he explains to be a cypernet 101 model terminator
-Sarah speaks to Dani about John
-Grace shows tattoo to Carl, Sarah arrives, Carl explains to have killed John but then had to find meaning and made a family and developed a conscience,
Carl wife (Elisa) arrive and Carl explains they have company, they have conversation about how to stop the Rev-9, Dani agrees to Sarah’s plan,
Grace agrees, and Carl give a probability of success about 80%.
– Carol shows weaponry collection, explains they need a energy weapon to destroy Rev-9, Sarah knows where to get weapon, Carol says goodbyes to family and then prepares to leave with Sarah in his company van, terminator explains “my past has caught up and
he won’t be back”
– Rev 9  arrives at Carl’s empty house
– Carl explaining his business at warehouse, a military
man  (Major) arrives, he has a suitcase with energy weapons
– Rev 9 arrives, targets them and attacks with gun fire from helicopter
– Major is struck and radios for help from military,
-Grace enters airport driving Carl van and drives onto cargo plane then
start to take off,
-Rev 9 able to latch onto plane as they take off, Carl fights it off as they
are airborne, Rev 9 lands in farm house
– Grace talking about using energy weapons but the weapons are
damaged, Grace explains Dani saved her from a couple trying to steal or kill Grace in the ruins when she was a teenager and then led them to form a resistance, Grace says Dani leads to taking back the world, flashback of event
– Rev 9 flying refueler aircraft and smashes the jets escorting the plane at Major’s orders then runs into the cargo plane
punching a whole in plane creating a suction, fights Carl Rev 9, Grace get in hum-v to escape via vehicle parachute, freefall with parachute on hum-v, Carl fights Rev-9
– Dam Worker Crew sees plane crash land in water near dam, Carl fights with rev-9 and Rev-9 pins Carl under plane
-Humv lands on dam but falls over only being held by the parachute straps, rev 9 arrives, Grace cuts the straps and humv fall into water with Sarah and Dani, Grace free fall fights Rev-9
– Under water, humv sinks and srarh uses parachute to get them free just as Rev-9 arrives a humv, float to surface and catch Grace on the way up,
– Rev 9 emerges, Sarah with Grace and Dani at locked door at bottom of dam, Grace say she is a weapon source from her power core, Carl arrives, knocks in door, rev 9 tracks them and Grace know the rev-9 will soon follow,
-Dani wants this to be their “kill box” where they follow through with the plan to kill the rev-9,
-Rev 9 arrives and small talk for Dani that leads to fight,
– Force rev 9 into spinning electricity generator by Carl and grace, the rev9 is pulled in and the generator explodes, Carl and Grace are knocked out, Dani seeks Grace and Sarah checks area, Sarah says “
it’s not dead”, Grace awakes and wants Dani to use her power core as the energy weapon but Dani is hesitant because it will lead to Grace’s death, Dani takes source and calls out rev 9 as it begins its respawn process, Dani shoot it, fights it, and tries to use power core, Carl awakens as Sarah starts yelling at Carl to get up, Carl holds up the respawning rev-9 as it attacks Dani, Dani sticks the rev9 with power core in eye socket, Carl fall into dam’s power well with rev 9 and holds it down as power core explodes causing the rev9 and Carl to be melted into the surrounding metal ground, Carl CPU shutdown.
– Dani speaks to Grace’s for saving her but grace is dead
– Dani and Sarah visit Grace as child and then leave area in a Jeep,

– The end

–  Credits, Special effects, cast, stunt, producer, director, decorator, camera operator, script supervisor, accoubtant, technician, electrician, grips, vehicles, property, standby, coach, transportation, editor, property, standby, coach, transportation, editor, loop, recorded, second unit, Spain unit, Los Angeles unit, visual animation, digital, leads, modelers, studio, lighting, fx, it, composites, soundtrack, icaa, iberdrola, deluxe, colorfront,

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