JOKER – Script Outline Created while Viewing the Film

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NOTE: I watched Joker in theatre.  This is only the ‘scene by scene’ general script outline and many details are not included. This type of script outline is not special and the technic can be applied to any film. The purpose of this script outline is to act as a post-viewing ‘memory jogger’ that allows for long term recollection of the film without re-watching the film. If you have not watched the film, I would suggest not reading through the outline until after viewing the film because the outline can spoil the film to the people that have yet to watch the motion picture.


-Warner brothers

-Man putting make up on in mirror

-Radio playing

-Smiles and frowns with tear coming out

-Holding a sign for store out front

-Kid take sign and he chases them

-Kids beat him up in alleyway

-Man laughing in almost a crying state in front of ahealth consular

-Talk about times being tough

-Questions about journal and keeping up as a journal

-He uses it as a joke book for pursuit of standup comedy

-Smokes cigarette and talk about time locked up in hospital

-Liked hospital stay more and want medication dose increase

-On train making funny faces to child and mother want him to stop, then he begins laughing excessively and show condition card

-Travel on foot up stairs at dawning of night

-Enter apartment and checks mail before going in to room

-He greets mother and checks his medication

-They talk about thomas wayne

-Watches live with Murray Franklin with mother

-At the show, super rats super cats, man appears inshow and explains my name is Arthur and lives with lives with mother and explains his mother thoughts

-He is invited from crowd onto the show floor

-Murray tells Arthur he would give everything up for a kid like Arthur

-Arthur at locker and man (Randell) explains he heard the news of being beaten and gives Arthur a revolver

-Arthur goes to boss man Holt, he is angry about sign missing and explain he will take it out of paycheck

-Arthur is upsettingly kicking trash bags by dumpster

-Returns to apartment

-On elevator, bad elevator and woman explains its awful and fake gun figure gesture suicides after exiting the elevator Arthurreturns the same gesture

-Mother and Arthur speaking; mom about Thomas wayne and Arthur about standup

-Arthur watching tv and starts pointing gun around,start dancing and pretending with gun in hand and fires weapon

-On train in hoodie

-William street, walking to Gotham Building

-In standup club; professor Lewis, Arthur laughs at odd points of silence

-In apartment writing and smoking

-Doorbell, lady from elevator asks if he was following her

– In hospital dancing as clown for kids and gun falls out

-Phone booth, boss fires him over the gun

-On train still in makeup

-Group of guys flirting to single girl, Arthur starts laughing, group call him out and joke with him then want to know what the laughing is about, start to jump him but he has gun and kills two of three, then tracks down 3rd and kills him with revolver

-Arthur runs off through streets into a park restroom, does slow dance art to himself and looms himself in mirror

-At apartment he knocks on girls door and kisses her

-At clown locker room, talks before leaving and news of clown murder, punches the time clock off the wall

-Apartment with mom, news that men shot we’re thomas Wayne’s people’s and calls out the clown killer

-Arthur talking to heath social worker, she informs funding is being cut and this is last visit, ‘they don’t careabout us’, where to get medication is unknown

-Arthur at comedy club prepare for his skit, announced as Arthur Flint, starts laughing, greets, laughs choking up, tells some jokes and crowd responds with some laughs and girl is there from elevator, seems to go decent

-Arthur meets with girl after show, the clown killer on newspapers at news stand

-Return to apartment, and dances with mom, opens letter for thomas wayne from mother asking for help with son, Arthur addresses mom angry about the letter

-Train ride Arthur reads paper article on thomas wayne,

-Walking and sees boy and starts clowning and dancing around for boy with clown nose, boy say his name is Bruce; they speak momentarily before man separates them and Arthur explain the situation with mother before grab/choke/attacking man through the gate

-Returns to apartment to ambulance with mother

-Outside emergency room, approached by detectives questioning about clown killing and recent firing, mother had stroke when detectives questioned her earlier

-In hospital room with girl from elevator watching Murray show, features a clip of Arthur at comedy show and Arthur is hyped but does not like Murray’s response

-In Apartment, Arthur sleep with gun on night stand, news report on tv show clowned people rally against thomas wayne

-At rally against thomas wayne, people in clown mask and Arthur is enlightened by there actions after himself

-Arthur in uniform at the theatre doorman job, views showing and laughs, thomas wayne is there and Arthur follows him to restroom, undresses from uniform and approaches Thomas Wayne

-Thomas Wayne explains Arthur is actually adopted while mother was an employee then later she was committed to mental hospital, Arthur keeps calling thomas wayne dad and then laughs and Thomas wayne hits him

-At apartment Arthur empties out fridge and hops in

-A call and message from detectives and then a call from show clerk from live with Murray and Arthur rushes to answer message; Arthur is invited to the show for a act, Arthur say that sound great, date next Thursday

-On train, then at arkham state hospital, a sick man on elevator, at window trying to get records of mother’s supposed stay at mental hospital, Arthur ask clerk ‘how people end up in hospital and employee says they’re ‘crazy or dangerous to others’, clerk explains he can’t let forms go then because it is illegal to give copies; Arthur snatches the forms, runs into stairwell, and starts reading paperwork, he was abused and mother thinks he is thomas Wayne’s son

-Arthur walking in rain into apartment soaking wet, remembers girls fake suicide gesture on elevator, enters her apartment, she arrives, she is scared and ask him to leave, Arthur gives suicide gesture back

-At his apartment, laughing alone smoking,

-At hospital, smoking speaking to mother about laughs condition and happiness then he uses her pillow to suffocate her

-Arthur watching reruns of Murray and practices coming onto the show, pretends to be speaking with Murray as practice, and anticipation, jokes with gun in hand and pretends to kill himself

-Arthur dancing in underwater preparing hair and makeup,

-Doorbell rings, he grabs scissors before answering doorbell, answers door and old coworkers (Randell (revolver) and midget (Gary)) have came after hearing mom died and questions from the police about killings coming around shop, then Arthur kills Ralph and midget is scared, let’s Garry go

-Exiting apartment and dances down steps in clown makeup, detectives see him and want to talk but Arthur runs, is hit by car but continues to train with everybody onboard in clown makeup or mask

-Detectives trying to find Arthur but are jumped after dealing with fighting clowns and shot one clown

-In Murray waiting room, Watching news and greets Murray about being invited on show, and he wants to be called joker

-Introduced and come out dancing, and kisses old lady guest, talks to Murray and laughs, pulls out journal to tell new jokes, joke is about dui accident and Murray disagrees with the joke, then Joker admits to killing the 3 men and explains reasoning for killing, disagreements with thomas wayne, confronts Murray about making fun of him then kills Murray, he is arrested and taken away via police car

-City is in riots, police car is struck at intersection, rioters take Arthur from car and place him on hatch, rioters continue to damage area near theatre, where thomas wayne is at with family, one masked clown kills him and wife in alleyway

-Arthur wakes up on hood and dances to the rioters and holds up hands in appraisal

-Arthur laughing in custody with social worker, smokes

-Arthur says he was thinking of a joke, and she wouldn’t get it

-Arthur walking back to room leads blood footprints and dances around,

-The End

-Todd Phillips

-Main cast

Based on dc

-Editors, costumes, casting,

-Joker Credits: Effects, water tower, Special Governor office of motion pictures Copyright Dc BronWb

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