Review of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6

The Rainbow 6. The video game that sucked my brain into a concussion of saving lives unanimously and killing the terrorizing villains. I finally took a break from all the screen play and set myself apart from my trigger controls with the original book, Rainbow 6.

The introduction to the book takes an fast path to establish the mind of the lead, John “Rainbow 6” Clark with a surprise taken down of some unlucky and unprofessional airplane hijackers. The steady introduction of the newly formed counterterror group is illustrated by Clancy in a flavorful manner establishing the cast of characters that will put the bullets in the enemies later on in the novel.  Clancy also grooms the terrorist’s play under the noise of the people of the world by circumventing the psychotic pressures developed by the ‘bad guys’.

I found this novel to be a piece of fictional literature that was stamped by the non-fictional extreme view that could be placed on people through climate change and the warnings of the dooms to come for the world from the 1990s point of view.

The script works well moving from screen to screen with generous illustrations of a character’s thoughts regarding the given circumstance. The measures of counterterror and counterespionage along with espionage and terrorism are well authorized by Clancy. The pickup within the militaristic setting is superb with well linked communication between characters that fit properly.

The surprise ending that is almost too upsetting to tell is a bit off the page of text book and into the case of epic novel.

I think anyone who has played a Tom Clancy video game needs to pick up a Tom Clancy’s original and deal with his literature before stepping back into the Tom Clancy video game  spotlight.


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