This is a reaction article to the article entitled Horrible Side Effects of Marijuana that People Never Talk About – Linked Below…

My personal view of marijuana.


I have used marijuana in the past. I even had desires to be a marijuana advocate while under marijuana culture. I used marijuana between the ages of 19-22 from the years 2008-2012. I recall using marijuana on and off with peers, family, strangers, and alone. I may have smoke marijuana over 200+ times and went through smoking episodes around 5 times. Each episode inclined purchasing marijuana and smoking the marijuana while I only recall selling marijuana a handful of time. I purchased up to an ounce of marijuana at a time for personal use. I quit using marijuana in between these episodes and would seek a lifestyle elsewhere only to return to marijuana again. I believe I fell under a cult for proactive marijuana use through popular culture such as music. This article is my response to a list of Side Effects and my personal opinion on how these Side Effects occurred to me.


I find that marijuana became addictive. The habits that I formed from the use of marijuana were not easily broken and would only lead to other habits that incline to sedentary/non-active functioning. This made fighting an addiction to marijuana impossible. I could only surrender to my own ruined nature and accept my mistakes with marijuana and that they had definitely occurred and were still damaging. I found that the addiction was a strain to receive the THC and the uplift that THC caused on the normalcy of my life, my norms.  This uplift was only temporary and led to destruction to the ability to accept the norms. In this, Destruction of Norms by THC (marijuana), the norms did not return to the original state but were noticed as less significant although they were not less significant. Summing this up, Marijuana is disrespectful to the norms of living. When I establish a case for norms, I mean eating, hygiene, and working/functioning.   The addiction is not to destroying the norms but recognition that the norms will never be norms again, they will be lowered and disrespected by the impact of marijuana once the use of marijuana is stopped. This makes stopping marijuana use difficult and leaves it nearly impossible to fully recover from marijuana use. This is to say that after marijuana use, the temptation to reuse will always be an extreme problem if the user is not able to reestablish norms and marijuana’s disrespect to the norms.

Memory Loss

The idea of memory loss and the use of marijuana occurs not only in losing an ability of short term memory but also remembering things for testing memorization. I did not have long term memory losses but rather the inability to remember short term functioning, especially with eating and preparing for an activity. I also found that the use of marijuana could be used to forget or replace a previous impactful memory or event. The idea of using marijuana to get out of a traumatic memory maybe medical but I did find that only a replacing the traumatic memory with a new ‘marijuana use’ memory occurred. This inclines the new long term memory to ‘marijuana use’ and thus a disrespect to norms and further stepping into a profound addiction to marijuana. This use to alleviate traumatic memories may also cause others to use marijuana in a similar manner as the person with the traumatic memory even though these others did not have the traumatic memory. This could be considered a communication problem that marijuana is used to link instead of a speaker; this is marijuana speaking. The effects of this memory will still fall under a disrespect to the norms and an inability to develop full memory. I still have trouble getting prepared for an activity that will begin a new memory because of what the use of marijuana has done to my short term memory and replacing of previous long term memory.


Lung Irritation

The use of marijuana was damaging to my lungs. I remember coughing extremely badly. This was worse than having a cold and coughing. I also remember my lungs finding a normalcy in wincing after weeks of common marijuana use. I also lost track of the normal exercise in my lungs’ “stretching for air” during endurance activity and found it easier to latch onto adrenaline type exercises that required less exercise and more ‘one time’ exaggerated movement to an exercise. This also means the norms were disrespected and the lungs had develop some stage of feelings to have become dependent on the exercise of the lungs being hurt by the marijuana smoke. This physical stage in lung functioning may be considered a form of physical addiction to the activity of marijuana use.


I think the Schizophrenia development was a thrust to use marijuana when I used marijuana. It was cool or normal to want to smoke marijuana for the sake of schizophrenia; as if to say all my marijuana friends are schizophrenic. While these were hypes, I do recall only a handful of times of identifying schizophrenic symptoms; I thought I overheard family/peers spying on me when smoking alone, I thought I could talk to people when I was high as a ‘loss cause’ or without true reason, and I also recall believing my neighbors could overhear me and wanted to know everything about me as if to imply we live in the same house. These symptoms were also developing in my taste or digestion; I would eat unreasonable or with improper preparation to eat which lead to inability to function or behave. I also believe that while these action were action I comprehended, I also fell under behavior disorders that only peers or none marijuana smoker could conceive. I also recall being phobic to the use of cigarettes, as if to say that the cigarettes are worse than the weed even though they are both smoked. I also recall being phobic to trouble that was unreasonable; where are the police? I believe that this is another example of the disrespect to the norms that is generated by marijuana.

Lower Testosterone Levels

When I used marijuana, I did fall into masturbation while high on marijuana. The high in masturbation was extreme with the marijuana but the ability to masturbate without marijuana was ruined. This is another form of marijuana disrespecting the norms. The creation of this masturbation of weed effect may have developed an unbalanced testosterone that spiked and dropped, above and below. Ratios that are unnatural. I also recall being oddly upset about my body fat or muscle mass after using marijuana. These maybe caused due to lowering of the testosterone. The norms would be to engage in an activity but marijuana left me feeling prepared for marijuana instead of an activity. This is another sign of the disrespect to the norms created through marijuana use and is something that still drags me down today even though I have not used marijuana in 6+ years.

Slowed Reaction Time

I recall slowed reaction times from the first use. The ability for me to function was so slowed, I could not consider my hand eye coordination in existence. As I matured to marijuana, I was always left with a delay that was driven by the memory and trained state of slowed reactions while high. This again is a form of the disrespect to the norms by the use of marijuana. I also recall not being able to logically decide what to eat or how much to eat after the use of marijuana even if my life was with upbeat positivity prior to reusing marijuana. I also could not hold a conversation correctly but I would try to hold a conversation instead of openly & normally converse. I can only image how stupid or closed minded I came off seeming to people who encountered me while high and trying to complete a conversation.

Exposure to dangerous potencies

I recall buying more expensive marijuana and less expensive marijuana. The potency of the marijuana was a big issue. If I smoke a potent dose and the next time I smoke, if the dose was less potent I would be angry about the whole issue of marijuana. While these issues of potency lead me to be angry about even smoking weed, the other issues that come with using marijuana would already be in effect. This created a battle that favored quitting marijuana use. In the other case, getting a dose that was more potent lead to feeling too happy I had receive a more potent dose. These swinging from potent to less potent to extreme potent was troubling. I would say that the issue with potency translated to a dinner that taste more potent or less potent or a game that was more impactful or less impactful. This was the one issue that marijuana maybe consider to coincide with the norms of grading product for best quality but marijuana does have its own issues that other activities do not have on norms.

Joseph Ross

February 17, 2018




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