The Perfect Storm – Book : Movie Review

At my current employer, the manager has a rack of books; lots of romance, murder mystery, science fiction, and The Perfect Storm. The Perfect Storm, I remember the movie exist from my childhood memories and I did not know it was based on a the book. In the past I have read books that also had movies and of course comic books that are films or cartoons. These reasons gave me incentive to pick the Perfect Storm off the book rack to read and later watch for this WordPress review.

The book is written by Sabastian Junger.  He explains to have written the book after realization of the impact of the actual storm on many peoples’ lives. Junger edges into the lives of the fishermen of the impacted sea, the people who were recued during the storm and the rescuers, the lives that were lost at sea, the history of the impacted seas and the fishing industry.  Junger is able to do this by going chapter to chapter dissecting the historical records of the events of the fishing area from past events through the perfect storm’s impact in 1991.

Junger begins by explaining the previous scares at sea and a history of the disasters in the area.  He explains and describes the town of Gloucester, Massachusetts and the functions of the fishing industry’s flow through the city, the evolution of the fishing industry. Junger drives into the life of the fishermen of the boat called the Andrea Gail ( the money, the passion for fishing, and the scares) and begins recanting their journey using quotes from interviews of relative people of the AG’s crewmen.

Junger gives a brush into the voyage of the AG with a explanation of their travels (how well they are catching fish, daily life on the AG, and plans for the lesser fished waters) and explains the weather forecast with the common routes for bad weather at sea, communications with meteorologist, coast guard and other boats. He introduces other boats and ships out at sea in 1991 during the perfect storm, explains the dangers at sea and a description of ships at sea step by step in the perfect storm’s path, the warning signs and responses for a ship, and a look into the AG struggles. He gives information about the history and science of the violent storms at sea, and explains the AG’s position during the storm from other ships logs of the storm and AG’s final communications.

Junger explains the types and stages of shipwrecks, the possibility of the AG going through a shipwreck, the mind of the sinking ship from the crews point of view, the process of drowning, and the fact that the AG’s crew is dead. He penetrates into the perfect storm by describing the recue of the crew of a small travel ship called the Satori, along with a second recue which allows for more detailed descriptions of the impact of the sea during the storm. He gives a realization of the AG’s status by the reports being received inland at Gloucester, MA. He explains the search and rescue for the missing and the discovery of clues (barrels with AG logo), the suing of the AG’s owner, and the ends the book on a ‘karma message’ from a storm that hits the following year.

The Movie

The movie is not identical to the book but does have all the dramatic events of the fisherman that were on board the Andrea Gail, the Satori, and the Recue team. Most of the suspense, romance, drama, and thrill is properly expressed in an non-fiction state but the film is altered to allow for a maximum action on board the Andrea Gail. Nevertheless of the action, the film peaks into the unknown facts of the AG during the storm and gives all the people, whether relative or spectators to the story, a grip of truth and a pull away from the mystery of the AG’s ending at sea.

Book – Movie Combo

Why have a Book and a Movie? This is a true occurrence that impacted lives. Sabastian Junger was so moved by the storm that he decided to write a detail book of the storms impact on the people.  The movie may be deemed as unnecessary but does allow a grip of pain from reality to be pulled away and a motivated for the future. I thought maybe the movie was created to remove the struggles and tensions the fishing community may have developed between the boating owners and the crewmen and the meteorologist for the fact of not preventing deaths at sea.

On a final count, Reading the book and watching the film is a great way to establish a firm ground for the fishing industry, the dangers in the fishing industry, the lives of fisherman, and the impact of the deaths of fishermen at sea.

Joseph Ross – 1:19pm – 08/17/2017 – Thrusday

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